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PTZ camera has no action, no image, indicator is not light.

1) Check the adapter is normal connected or not.
2) Check if the cable is damaged.change another power supply to test.

PTZ can make self rotation, but no image or can not control

1)Check the Address code and baud rate is set correctly.
2)Make sure the protocol is correct.
3)Check the RS485 cable is connected in the right way.

PTZ camera can not make self rotation, with image and noise.

1)change a power supply and keep it close to the PTZ camera.
2)keep the camera in the correct position.

vibration image

1) replace a qualifid video cable.
2) maybe power supply is not enough, please change a power supply and keep it near to the camera.

Blurred image

1)Maybe it set to manually focus,call any prest or control the PTZ camera,then PTZ camera can make auto focus.
2)clear the transparent cover

PTZ camera keeps continuous rotation

1)Please control the PTZ camera
2) turn off power and restart